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Off Road with Wacaco!

Travel in style with Wacaco on a 4x4 adventure.  You don’t always have to totally rough it, head off the beaten path with cafe quality espresso!

1)  Plan your trip, get a solid GPS, and talk to locals about the conditions of the off road trails (snow lingers at elevation and weather changes quickly; so always be prepared!

2)  Bring plenty of water to drink and of course to heat up for fresh espressos.

3)  Options to heat your water up are easy - there are many kettles that can be powered by your car outlet, and it’s easy to pack up a isobutane or small propane camp stove when you have all the storage that a truck offers.

4)  Make sure to have an emergency kit for your car, and a medkit for yourself (and extra coffee).  And always helpful to have a satellite phone or emergency beacon if you’re really heading really far out!


Have fun, stay alert, be safe!