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Roast Review: Generous Coffee

One day after teaching a yoga class I wandered into downtown Golden, Colorado in search of caffeine. I came across a building with a lively patio and, as I entered the main doors, I realized it was not one eatery but a food hall! I stopped at the first sight of coffee and ordered a cold brew. As I waited, I chatted with the barista and learned the fascinating story and mission of the coffee shop. Generous Coffee is more than a coffee shop, it’s a “movement,” as noted when you enter their website. They describe themselves as a “for-purpose” business and are committed to giving 100% of profits to partner organizations such as nonprofits and social enterprises. I was sold on the idea of Generous Coffee but what about the coffee?

The Fuller


We had a friend in town recently, and it was the perfect time to test out our new coffee from Generous. I love hearing the way different people describe their coffee drinking experience! We decided to pour a handful of beans into a glass bowl and see what we could sense simply by smell to start. My friend Maddy noted a sweet, velvety smell, and a hint of chocolate. James said he sensed a punch of fruit as well as floral notes. I was impressed with their descriptions and agreed, especially on the airy floral notes. I was so curious to have a taste!


If this is the first time you’re reading a Roast Review, note that we keep ourselves from reading the description on the package, so we can guess and judge as objectively as possible. It also builds curiosity and makes it even more fun! We brewed The Fuller using the Wacaco Pipamoka and rationed the fresh coffee into three cups. We each took our time sipping and savoring before sharing our experience. James, who had noted fruit and floral, now said that it made him think of creme brûlée! He still noted hints of light fruit and chocolate, as if the flavor changed through each sip. Maddy tasted a “symphony of florals,” and was impressed by the smooth and balanced mouthfeel. I couldn’t help but think of rose or jasmine tea, as there was something light and airy about the coffee. Still I noted a grounding darker fruit and chocolate. 

The Reveal

The Fuller is a light roast and is described as delivering “a mixture of strong fruity flavors with a reassuring backbone of chocolate, resulting in a blend that delivers on every possible level.” Equally worth noting, the bag becomes a piece of art! Once you’ve enjoyed every last coffee bean, open the bag to reveal a piece by Generous Artist, PichiAv.

Golden City Espresso


I almost always will test coffee first, espresso second. Though I’ve never consciously thought through this decision, I’ve always sensed that was the right thing to do. Espresso tends to be punchier with flavor and, for that, it feels better to work up to it. I’m curious how other coffee lovers and connoisseurs weigh in on this! 


Again, we poured beans into a glass bowl and took turns sharing first impressions. I noticed hints of nuts and spice. Maddy said there was a certain “sweetness” to the smell of the beans. James said there was something a bit richer and darker about the smell of these beans compared to The Fuller.


We took out our trusty Nanopresso to brew the Golden City Espresso.  As always, it was satisfying to watch the making of the espresso, and the delightful crema emerge on the top of the brew. Maddy, who had never seen the Nanopresso,was particularly impressed!


We each got a taster cup and took our time to smell and sip the espresso. My assumptions about a strictly earthy and spicy flavor quickly melted away, as bold fruity flavors came to the forefront! There was a full-bodied mouthfeel and I noticed some sort of berry, perhaps strawberry. James had expected a dark and rich taste and was surprised to find a certain lightness! Maddy said it was a different sort of sweet than she expected, which allowed a bright berry flavor to be present. 

The Reveal

The Golden City Espresso is a medium roast and, as Generous puts it, it is “designed to produce a syrupy body, balanced brightness, and a sweet finish. You'll find tasting nights of raspberry, nougat, and citrus!”. Similar to The Fuller, the Golden City Espresso bag also becomes art once you finish the bag. How cool is that?


Well folks, I’d definitely recommend adding these coffees to your list for your next adventure. Also, make sure to pop by the physical shop next time you find yourself in Golden, Colorado!