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The Coffee Fox Roasting Co.

By: Sheila Murray

I am thrilled to introduce our next featured roasting company - The Coffee Fox Roasting Co. The Coffee Fox is an award winning coffee shop in Savannah, Georgia that focuses on delivering a high-quality coffee experience amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. I appreciate the variety of blends for every palate and season (even a roast specifically for cold brew!) and I’m definitely adding this place to my travel list because I’m dying to try one of their espresso tonics! Until then, I am enjoying Coffee Fox from my home in Colorado, along with my trusty Wacaco Pipamoka and Nanopresso. 

First up, the Foxy Blend.

The Foxy Blend


I invited my husband James to assist me in the coffee tasting experience on a warm Saturday morning. We started off with the house blend, to get a taste for the go-to roast, and decided to employ the Pipamoka to create the brew. First we smelled the beans and made our guesses at the notes. 

“This to me is a bit dark with hints of cedar and bourbon,” said James. That sounded like quite the combination! When I took my turn I experienced a rounder smell and hints of chocolate and molasses. This was surely going to be interesting.


We ground the beans and vacuum pressure-brewed the coffee using the Pipamoka. The result was an entrancing, dark cup of coffee that was screaming to be enjoyed. James tried the brew first, declaring that it was a dark and bold taste but there was no bitterness to be found. James is adverse to any hint of bitter-tasting coffee, so this was an important statement! He also noted a certain nutty flavor but couldn’t quite place a specific type. I sipped the coffee next and was particularly taken by the sweet undertones. This coffee is certainly bold but also welcoming. We agreed that it would be a fantastic brew to enjoy as a first cup of the day or afternoon pick-me-up and that it paired perfectly with the Pipamoka, which makes it easy to take on any summer adventure. 

The reveal

The Foxy Blend is a mix of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans and is described as having notes of “berry, toasted almond, stone fruit.” I highly recommend grabbing a bag of these beans for your next trip or a gift for a coffee-loving friend. 

Next up, the espresso! 

Flywheel Espresso


We grabbed the next bag of coffee beans and spilled them into the coffee grinder. Before grinding, we took turns guessing what tasting notes were in store for us by simply smelling the beans. I sensed a punch of fruit, perhaps some honey, and a nutty undertone as well. James confidently guessed there was caramel, baking chocolate, and vanilla.

Next we finely ground the beans, heated water, and geared up the Nanopresso!



Before even tasting it, James decided to take another guess only using smell. He said that there was definitely some sweetness and imagined it could be berry. He took a sip and found notes of cherry, brown sugar, and molasses. Woah! I had to try it for myself. The punch of fruit stayed consistent with my first impression, as did the nuttiness. I additionally sensed a chocolatey mouthfeel. We thoroughly enjoyed sipping this one and daydreamed about where else (other than our living room) we might enjoy it. I said I’d like to have the espresso while sitting by a lake, which sounded especially alluring because of the heat in the day! James said that the brightness of it was ideal for a weekend brew and sharing amongst friends.

The reveal

I learned that the Flywheel Espresso is a blend of Coffee Fox’s favorite Colombian, Brazilian and Ethiopian beans and has tasting notes of chocolate, toasted nuts, and summer fruit! I’m honestly impressed with how close James and I were on our guesses - we must be really improving our coffee tasting palates!