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What Baristas have to say about Nanopresso in the Cafe!

Barista Chris Lawrence left this lovely review on one of our photos on Facebook:

I'm barista trained and I previously owned a coffee shop; I've honestly not had an espresso this good out of anything other than a top-end espresso machine.  I would recommend the following:  Get the barista kit and always use the double baskets (8g of coffee simply isn't enough for a decent espresso), control your grind (which depends largely on the roast of the bean), preheat the system, pre-infuse the beans before fully pumping out the espresso, control the outbound flow (constant flow, thin as a matchstick), measure all weights ..., and use a 1:2 - 1:4 ratio (I prefer 1:3 - so 15g coffee for 45g espresso).  This is as close to perfection as you'll get without dropping a grand! - Chris Lawrence


Special thanks to Loftea Cafe and Barista George (in video) for creating these fantastic looking (and tasting!) espresso drinks!



Preheat by putting boiling water in the parts that do the brewing (nozzle head, inside chamber) and dumping them right before you put your basket in. To preinfuse just stop pumping as soon as the first drop of espresso comes out and wait for 15s. (play around with the timing)


Can someone explain how to “preheat the system” and “pre-infuse the beans” with the Nanopresso before fully pumping out the espresso? TY


How much nanopresso ?
Can I find this here in SAUDIA?


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