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Coconut Espresso Spritzer with a Twist!

This is one of our favorite drinks! It’s refreshing, relaxing and light, perfect for a hot summer day!

The lime flavor hard seltzer cuts down on the bitterness of the espresso, and the cremy coconut milk has a natural sweetness to it, so you can enjoy a smooth drink without adding any sweeteners.

4 oz Lime favorited hard seltzer
1 shot Nanopresso espresso
3 oz Coconut Milk, (frothed)


1. Add 4 oz lime favorited hard seltzer to pint glass
2. Pump 1 Nanopresso shot of your favorite brew into the glass
3. Froth coconut milk in a milk frother, add the coconut milk slowly by scooping the coconut froth onto the espresso.  Alternative:  Add straight coconut milk.
4. Garnish with a lime rind twist or coffee beans!