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Beware of counterfeit products trading off of the valuable goodwill of the WACACO® brand.  Like many companies that have expended years and enormous resources in carefully developing brand recognition, Wacaco products are being unlawfully imitated and sold at inferior quality through unauthorized channels, and usually at drastically reduced prices. These inferior knockoffs, while not always easy to detect, are not produced by or for Wacaco Company Limited or under its control.  Accordingly, these products do not meet Wacaco Company Limited’s quality standards and are not covered by Wacaco Company Limited’s warranty. 


温馨提示: 如果您有任何关于此问题的疑问,请联系我们客户服务部门邮箱: SUPPORT@WACACO.COM

非常感谢您帮助我们维护 WACACO® 品牌。