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Minipresso适合任何人 ! 如果您经常在旅途中,喜欢随时享用美味的浓缩咖啡,那么Minipresso非常适合您。如果您喜欢远足,钓鱼,骑自行车几个小时。我相信您肯定找不到比这更好的装备,让您在远离家乡途中依然能享受到优质的浓缩咖啡。 如果您是一个野营爱好者,Minipresso是您梦寐以求的浓缩咖啡机。如果你是城市居民,学生,你的生活空间有限,不用担心,Minipresso很小,适合任何地方。 如果你在工作,没有时间去咖啡厅,使用Minipresso,你可以在办公桌上准备正宗的浓缩咖啡......


Just amazing! The extraction capability of the Minipresso won't disappoint you. 116 psi is exactly the pressure produced by traditional piston-driven espresso machines. Why should we change a characteristic that has been set since 1945? Most importantly we paid close attention to the brewing process. Minipresso doesn't use compressed air or N2O cartbridge as these two principles blow cold air on hot water, not the best way to keep water at the recommended extraction temperature. Instead, Minipresso uses the proven system of the pump-driven espresso machine that we have adapted in order to make the process manual. We have also focused on minimizing the distance between water tank and coffee chamber to avoid losing too many degrees during the water displacement. As a result of our cares to build the perfect device, Minipresso produces at ambient condition (75°F, 24°C), an espresso at perfect temperature (152°F, 67°C in cup) with a nice compact and persistent crema on top.


并不需要很大的力量! 整个过程比手动给自行车轮胎充气更容易,更快捷。 根据咖啡包装,所需的压缩力可能在 6 到 12 Kg不等. 然而,我们建议在使用过程中用两只手握住Minipresso ,这种方法更省力。

Minipresso 可以把水加热吗?

不可以! 为了喝一杯热的意大利浓咖啡,你必须用热水装满水箱。

Minipresso 需要保养吗?

出于对机器的爱护,必须进行基本的维护。 这将决定Minipresso使用周期的长短。 我们建议在每次使用后,在流水下清洁咖啡杯和零部件。 水箱只需要用布擦干即可。 不要将Minipresso放入洗碗机。


In compliance with LFGB and FDA regulation, all substance used in the materials confection are safe. Minipresso is also 100% BPA free. During the development, we paid a lot of attention in the materials choices to guarantee health safety, no alteration of coffee taste and parts durability.

Minipresso 有保修吗?

我们保证Minipresso自购买之日起有12 个月的保修期。


Yes of course, and our worldwide standard shipping is free for all orders. Please note, we are not responsible for any taxes and/or duties accumulated during the shipping process (see our shipping policy). The shipping base is located in China.