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咖啡唤醒活力,色彩 陶冶情操。Nanopresso元素系列带给您能量的来源:喜悦、欢乐、多愁、善感。让您做回自己。



Nanopresso Case保护壳由耐用的EVA材料制成,采用柔软布料做内衬。精心设计完美保护Nanopresso,不含配件。避免碰撞,刮擦并有效防尘。Nanopresso保护壳,为您的下一次冒险做好准备。                                                                                                                   备注:Nanopresso Case(保护壳)不包含Nanopresso咖啡机及其它配件。



尺寸 156x71x62 mm 6.14x2.8x2.44in
重量 336 g 0.74 lb
水仓容量 80 ml 2.70 fl oz
粉杯容量 8 g 0.28 oz
最大压力 18 bar 261 psi


尺寸 185x80x80 mm 7.30x3.15x3.15 in
重量 75 g 0.165 lb
其他 内置登山挂钩孔。


尺寸 189x85x81 mm 7.44x3.35x3.20 in
重量 530 g 1.17 lb
产品内含 Nanopresso, 专用保护套,
 内置咖啡杯, 粉杯,
 粉勺, 粉刷, 多语言说明书, 保修卡,两张贴纸。


包邮 -从香港发出的货物。海关税或进口关税,由收件人支付。更多信息请点击查阅 配送政策 


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Paula Alexandra Ysabella P. Paulino
South Korea South Korea

My partner s happy with my gift even though it came a bit late due to delay in delivery. He uses it at work and with his workmate who liked the item too. He makes coffee for me in the morning. It takes an effort to pump at first but once you get used to it, it is enjoyable. Plus espresso is extra good when it is fresh. Great for bonding.

veronique B.
Canada Canada
The power of coffee at the start of a camping day

Maybe I have long underestimated this first morning coffee when I left the tent in the morning, this famous coffee that we want to do absolutely even if everything is not necessarily easy to collect to do it .... the sugar there, the milk below the beer which is in the cooler which it is in the car suitcase (for raccoons who frequent our facilities overnight), the small camping stove for hot water or the slightly longer version even longer if it is not planned; The small fire (the even longer version, being the one where the day before we would have caught ourselves right at the same little fire which during the whole evening would really have well burned and thereby exhausted our reserve of firewood and kindling) Good depending on the technique used we must count approximately (if it is we who make our coffee) between 20 minutes and 1 hour after waking up before we can take a first sip For my part, before having my wacaco coffee, this first morning coffee was necessary but disappointing if I took into account all the process which I had to face to obtain it. But now I can tell you that for me this time is now over! From now on my morning efforts to get this much desired first coffee of the day have finally become what I get If I had had a little luxury that I had at home that I would have liked to bring into the great outdoors it would have been it! My little espresso ........ a dream .... not anymore because I have it

Russia Russia

It's crazy-super device!!!! Thank You!