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NANOPRESSO 旅途   夏暑破浪

Portable espresso machine with protective case

售价 零售价 $84.90 USD Regular price $84.90 USD




Nanopresso Case保护壳由耐用的EVA材料制成,采用柔软布料做内衬。精心设计有效保护Nanopresso,不含配件。避免碰撞,刮擦并有效防尘。Nanopresso保护壳,为您的下一次冒险做好准备。



尺寸 156x71x62 毫米 6.14x2.8x2.44in
产品重量 336 克 0.74 磅
水仓容量 80 毫升 2.70 盎司
粉杯容量 8 克 0.28 盎司
最大压力 18 巴 261 磅


尺寸 185x80x80 mm 7.30x3.15x3.15 in
产品重量 75 克 0.165 磅
其他 内置登山挂钩孔。


尺寸 189x85x81 mm 7.44x3.35x3.20 in
产品重量 530 g 1.17 磅
产品内含 Nanopresso, 专用保护套,
 内置咖啡杯, 粉杯,
 粉勺, 粉刷, 多语言说明书, 保修卡,两张贴纸。

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4.9 Based on 19 Reviews
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Phey C.
马来西亚 马来西亚
Best thing ever!

Bought this upon recommendation by friends and after looking at tons of videos. I loved coffee ever since I work in Colombia. Now that i'm back to my hometown and working offshore, it has been a real life saviour! So pretty in design, compact, not heavy and best of all i can brew my own and enjoy delicious coffee while i'm away from any cities with cafe. I love it so much! This is the best purchase i've had, although the pump is a little squeeky. But the rest of the functions are perfect, just perfect!

Elisabeth L.
美国 美国
My vacation was complete!

I am a proud coffee snob. I have my favourite beans that make my morning Americano. It's how I start every morning. I was going on a 3 week trip and loathed the thought of drip coffee - even with bringing my own coffee. I found this product and I was thrilled. Each morning of my trip, I had my coffee, my way... a cup of bliss. Now if I lose power or take another trip, I know my morning will start as it should. I love this product!

chris b.
美国 美国

gorgeous design and execution